Come join us for the launch of The Charmer Foundation on Thursday, April 28th at Coconuts in Capo Beach. The evening will consist of live music, silent auction items, wine raffles, a photobooth and hourly pool tournaments. Help us make this evening truly amazing!!!

Founded in 2010 by Brad Rosen and the friends and family of Brian Fyfe. The non-profit, private scholarship foundation is dedicated to promoting the legacy of Brian as well as providing scholarship aid to future collegiate music students.

Music was always the primary passion in Brian's life and through his legacy The Charmer Foundation was created. The foundation was constructed soon after the tragic loss of a friend, a son and a musician, set out to provide scholarship aid for students looking to achieve their musical endeavors in an academic setting.

Each year, the Foundation gives financial support to an individual that has shown potential in the realm of musical performance, composition, and musicology or jazz studies.

The project makes possible an essential step forward in the study and performance of music, an art form that is rapidly being cut out of school budgets. Brian's passion and involvement in music has made this dream a reality, and we feel very lucky to be given the opportunity to pass on his dream and legacy.