For everyone who can truly say they love music so much it hurts, you and Brian Campbell Fyfe would've had a lot in common. Last April, the heartland of Southern California lost one of it's brothers in a very tragic accident. This scholarship is in the name of Brian's memory. Not only to help an aspiring musician during these difficult times, but also to ensure that Brian's legacy lives on.

Brian always had a passion for music. Whether it was rocking out with his best friends, or hitting the road and tour managing bands that he loved, music was always in his blood. As early as middle school he was attending local shows and concerts on a regular basis to support his favorite up and coming acts. By high school he started to help compose original tunes and play several shows with his closest friends. In his late teens he was interning for Hydra Head Records, and by his early twenties he was on the road for the majority of the year, pushing bands to hit it big.

Those who had the privilege of knowing Brian would all agree, he was truly one of a kind. He would have done anything for anyone. He would've given up everything he had for his friends and for the music they created. They say the good die young. And although twenty-seven is very young to pass, everyone can be assured that Brian is rocking out with other musicians in the twenty-seven club; Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, and Kurt Cobain.

To the winner of this scholarship, know that Brian really is proud of you. Utilize this opportunity to follow your heart and talent into a very rewarding career in music.

- Kevin Fyfe (Brother)